TIDAL & MARINE I Generate predictable and affordable power, efficiently

In the tidal and marine energy business, KITL manufactures and markets hydrokinetic turbines, with integrated generators, ranging in capacities from 2kW to 1MW. These turbines can be arrayed to meet larger power requirements. They could be deployed in a vast range of applications. These turbines would be capable of operating in a wide range of flow rates (as low 1.2m/s and as high as 4.2m/s).

We have partnered with Elemental Energy Technologies (EET), an Australian company, to design, develop, manufactures and markets hydrokinetic turbines with integrated generators that can capture kinetic energy available in rivers, streams, canal flows and ocean currents.

Our first manufacturing facility has been set up in Pune, India. As we globally commercialize these products, manufacturing facilities will be set up in other countries.
Products and Solutions
2kW Turbine Ideal for use in a canals/rivers/existing HPPs
10kW Turbine Ideal for use in a river/existing HPPs or for new micro
1MW Ideal for use in the ocean
Piped Solution For rivers, streams or tail races of existing HPPs
Canal Solution For harnessing energy from canal flows
Customised Solutions We offer an array of customised products and solutions based on site and power requirements
Benefits of our hydrokinetic turbines

A very efficient design; Our turbines are around half the size, generate up to four times the power and are up to 70% more efficient than competing, equivalent capacity “propeller” style marine turbines.

Initially 1kW to 100kW units; Ultimately 1MW up to twin 10MW unit arrays are planned for very large scale ocean based developments

With only one moving part and no gearbox required; Reduced maintenance time and costs

Low to high flow rates makes them suitable for the widest range of locations around the world

Self aligning
Their design optimally aligns our turbines to continuous flows or changing tides

Predictable generation
Deployment in tidal locations to provide predictable output and in continuously flowing ocean streams, canals and rivers to provide continuous, base load energy generation

Remote monitoring and control
Maintains optimal performance of our turbines and monitors their operation for maintenance

Less vulnerable to weather conditions as it operates underwater below the wave and storm region

Low capital costs
Low cost materials, components and processes, making it suitable for mass production

Low installation cost
Large range of installation options including existing ocean towers, tidal fences, suspension from barges and mooring from conventional shipping buoys

Zero emissions
Non-polluting, renewable, green energy

Growth potential
Planned large scale ocean installations have the potential to compete directly with baseload coal and nuclear power generation