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Solar PV Blanket

Solar PV Blanket
Solar PV blankets are light-weight, flexible and foldable solar PV blankets that can give the user freedom and convenience to harness sunlight to generate power independent of location and terrain. These are ideally suited for outdoor applications, including camping, urgent disaster relief operations, communication systems in remote areas, etc.

Key Features
  • Applicable in both commercial and defense segments.
  • Portable battery charging solutions.
  • Wattage rating: 4, 8, 16, and 32W.
  • Rugged and robust.
  • Portable, Light-weight.
  • No heat or reflection signatures.
  • Solar modules are MIL qualified.

Key Specifications
  • Custom-tailored for specific end-users.

Key Benefits
  • “Reduce fuel consumption"
  • “Reduce Green House Gas Emissions”
  • “Ability to charge smart phones, e-tablets, digital camera batteries (basic and SLR), camcorder batteries, and battery power packs.