SOLAR ENERGY I Abundant Energy to Light up, Heat or Cool

With our solar products and technology solutions, we are able to reach every corner of India, whether it be for the grid-connect or off-grid markets.

Within the grid-connect segment, our technology partnerships and collaborations enable us to offer the cheapest and most highly efficient solar power plant solutions. We aim to offer technologies that can reach parity with the grid by 2014. Currently, we offer crystalline silicon, amorphous silicon, thin-film CIGS and concentrated photovoltaic technologies.”

Within the off-grid segment, we offer a range of products and solutions. Selected products include solar USB chargers and Solar PV Blankets for larger scale applications. Future products will include a solar lantern, among others. Our exclusive partnership with USA-based Ascent Solar makes us the only company able to offer Ascent’s flexible thin-film CIGS panels in India. These unique panels are incredibly light and incredibly resilient – there is nothing quite like them available in the markets today.

In addition, KITL provides customized end-user products and solutions depending on particulars– whether it be defense, government, office, residential, industrial or commercial, KITL will be able to provide a customized solar solution at an effective price.
Ground-Based Solar Plants Unique, cost-effective and highly efficient
Hybrid Solar / Wind Solution Maximize the use of nature’s energy
BIPV/BAPV Aesthetic and light-weight
CIGS Flexible Thin-Film PV Applications Multi-purpose and lightweight
Solar Backpack Green energy on the go
Solar Powered Water Pump: Pumps water to off-grid sites
Off-Grid Solar Plant Suitable for various load applications
Solar PV Blanket Perfect, portable energy solution
USB Charger Extend your mobile’s talk time

KITL’s Solar Solutions team is able to provide a broad range of unique, fully-customized, turnkey solar solutions, employing the latest in cutting-edge technology at market leading price levels. The solutions team has on average 10–15 years of experience working in the solar industry. The team is able to offer products that make use of the latest solar technology wholly integrated into a highly engineered package designed by a team of PHds and world-class product designers.