Research & Development
Sustainable technologies for a way of life & work

KITL research and development is continuously striving to develop technically feasible decentralized energy solutions which are environment friendly, economically viable and socially acceptable. This will ensure the sustainability of the energy solution, giving hope and improved standard of living for generations to come. It also paves the path for sustainable development.

KITL believes in strategic alliances and collaborations. Also, while developing business, one must not forget social responsibilities. Hence, KITL research and develsopment has tie ups with various institutions, NGOs as well as companies. It is important to find partners with synergies than to try and reinvent the wheel.

Asking the right questions and focusing all energies and resources to arrive at the answer has helped KITL research and development succeed.
Research in Solar

The Solar team at KITL is continuing to develop new products and improve on its current product portfolio. We continue to assess solar technology available throughout the world with the hope of bringing those technologies that make sense to India.
Research in Bioenergy
Our research and development team is currently working on the following projects:

  • Biomass based energy solutions for biomass to energy, biomass waste disposal, biomass to organic fertilizer, biomass to power, biomass to fuel applications
  • Testing of various substrates like agro waste from crops such as Maize, Jowar; industrial waste such as oiled and de-oiled cake, maize husk, Molasses, Spent wash, press mud, food processing waste; municipal waste such as kitchen and hotel waste, organic waste in municipal solid waste
  • Process development and plant design for production of biodiesel from various feedstock
Research in Tidal

KITL and EET (Elemental Energy Technologies) are working together to improve on the concept designs of our products and solutions. At KITL, we are developing the prototypes in-house and testing them for performance and endurance at several sites in India. Through the testing process, we are learning about further modifications that can be made to the turbines to improve their design and will continue to implement these. These testing sites will also be reference sites for the use of the turbine in specific applications.