Solar Energy I Solution

Ground-Based Solar Plants

Ground Based Solar Plants
Photovoltaic-cell based technology serves as the foundation of our grid-connect solar plant solutions. We offer CdTe, CIGS and LCPV as well as other less widely accepted solar photovoltaic technologies. We are able to provide a complete suite of services, including initial project/technical assessment, full installation, commissioning and turnkey project execution, and financial and return on investment analytics.

Among our alternative technologies, one such technology we offer is thin-film technology. Thin-film technologies require less semiconductor material, outperform their crystalline silicon peers in hazy, overcast conditions due to selective receptivity and experience less resistivity and heat loss. Downsides include lower overall efficiency and hence increased land requirements.

Another such alternative technology is low concentrated photovoltaic technology. This technology has a high efficiency, convective cooling system, string and shadow management, a wide-angle tracking system and upgradeable solar panels.

Key Features
  • Depends on particular end-user requirements.

Key Specifications
  • Custom-tailored for specific end-users.

Key Benefits
  • Optimum cost, high efficiency.
  • Complete turnkey analysis, including financial and return on investment analytics.