BIOENERGY I Green & Economical

Sun is the only perennial source of energy. All other sources are finite and depleting. Effective and reliable technologies to harness solar energy could lead to sustainability. Nature uses solar energy to produce biomass. Hence, controlled cultivation and consumption of biomass to produce energy can be sustainable. This leads to Bio-energy Solutions.

Biomass can provide consistent supply of the required energy through biogas, vegetable oil, biodiesel, producer gas, and by directly burning the biomass (Refer Figure). Notwithstanding whether the biomass is “waste” of some process or is cultivated specifically as fuel for energy, it is considered a “green” technology since:

  • Life cycle of the biomass fuel can be short (could be less than 3 months)
  • Net carbon dioxide emission from biofuels is zero or negative
  • Biomass fuel cycle is water neutral
  • After extracting energy, the unused biomass can be recycled back in the soil
Our research and engineering team is developing biomass based sustainable energy solutions. We currently offer energy solutions using Straight Vegetable Oil, Biodiesel, and Bio-methane.
Biogas Plants and Equipment Turnkey solutions designed to meet your needs
Biogas for Cooking Smoke free cooking
Biogas to Electricity Meet electricity needs from kW to MW
Biogas to Compressed Bio-methane An organic substitute to CNG
Rural Energy Solutions A holistic solution for the rural
Biodiesel Substitute the fossil fuels
Biomass to Organic Fertilizers Go organic farming
The advantages of using KITL bioenergy solutions are:

  • We are a turnkey solution provider and have end-to-end integrated technologies
  • Zero effluent discharge systems: value added products
  • Commercially viable solutions: multiple revenue streams
  • In-house R & D: customized solutions
  • Patented leading edge technologies:
    • Lower water consumption
    • Reduction in overall energy demand for operation
    • Smaller digester volumes
    • Greater throughput
  • Can handle combination or mixtures of feeds and different feedstock
  • Biogas plant sizes from 2 to tens of thousands of m3/day
  • High efficiency 100% biogas gensets: 10 kW to 1 MW
What only KITL Possesses

On the one hand, we have worked on standardizing the offering so as to make the solutions more economical; whereas on the other hand, the requirements of the customer are often non-standard. Since we have an in-house R&D team with an in-depth understanding of the processes, we can offer customized solutions to clients.

We have the backing of the Kirloskar Brand - the quality of service we offer is of the Kirloskar standard.